How to become a top rated topless waitress in Melbourne

Becoming one of an A-rated topless waitress Melbourne features isn’t a walk in the park and as such, requires some insider tips. In this regard, we’ve made it easy by compiling some exclusive tips as regards how you can go from amateur to pro within a short while. However, it still depends on how dexterous you’re willing to be. 

Okay, let’s begin.

It’s simple to become a stripper, and most clubs are still looking for more support. If you’ve thought about the job’s perks and ramifications and wanted to take it on, keep reading.

Are you looking to become a topless waitress Melbourne will feature? If yes, count yourself lucky as we’ve compiled actionable steps on how you become an active topless waitress Melbourne can boast of. The steps outlined in this article are quite easy to follow. 

How to become a top rated topless waitress in Melbourne

Ask questions

Questions are quite crucial if you’re looking to become a top-rated topless waitress in Melbourne has. Ask a girl about her time living there after you’ve found a position you’d like to stay at. Is there a fee to work there? Is it enough to tip out? ( You do this by donating a portion of your profits to the club or staff. If that’s the case, how much do you have to tip? It’s definitely not worth it to spend half your money every night. Different clubs have different atmospheres, and can change nightly.

  • If you have the time and interest, inquire about the work climate with a couple of female coworkers. The larger the sample, the more likely you are to discover the facts.
  • Often, don’t hesitate to inquire about their clothing sources!

Visit clubs you’d like to work for

It’s a smart idea to go around town for a week or two and scout the locations you’re interested in auditioning for. If at all practicable, go incognito and bring a male friend with you; you’ll need to get a feel for the environment and the clientele before committing your time as an employee. Go to another club if you see a club that is breaking so many rules. You don’t want to operate in a club where the girls could be harmed or where they aren’t treated with dignity.. There are three different types of gentlemen’s clubs:

  • Upscale types –  Dress codes apply to these styles of clubs, and you’ll most likely be required to wear a long gown that comes in between evening wear and lingerie. They frequently have high house fees and service staff, whom you are supposed to tip — on average, 10-20 percent of your gross nightly salary. Expect to dress to fit their demographic (and spend a lot of money) with gowns, rhinestone jewelry, and the entire nine yards at these bars, which are mostly packed with businessmen and city dwellers who enjoy more upscale establishments. For the record, these clubs are often massive in scale and employ a large number of entertainers on a nightly basis.
  • Neighborhood Clubs–  Clubs in the neighborhood. These clubs are a bit more laid back, and depending on the venue, they also draw locals or visitors. At this sort of venue, you might get a bit more creative about the costumes and themes. If you’re new to dance, this is normally a decent place to practice. Some of the clubs are in commercial districts, while others are similar to local bars that provide topless or nude entertainment.
  • Third tier or dive bars – These are commonly seen in outlying parts of Perth with a lower-than-average clientele. They are known for being lenient with their recruiting practices, which attracts a rougher audience.

Assemble your wardrobe

Stripper-wear can be found in catalogs, porn retailers, and numerous online locations. If you’re going to wear pumps, make sure your dress is comfortable to pull off. Be sure you’re aware of the rules of the state where you’ll be working; certain states require you to wear specific underwear. When all is said and done, here is a rundown of what you can buy:

  • High heels (generally, you’re looking at a 3″ minimum)
  • A thong (find out the laws where you live; most exotic dancers wear “regulation” g-strings)
  • Lingerie or legitimate dance costume

Practice your routine before you show up for a club audition

Be sure you’re exercising in your shoes; the same routine performed barefoot would feel utterly unfamiliar when performed in heels for the first time. The most difficult part of your workout would be dancing and stripping in high heels at the same time. You should use a mirror or a video camera to see how you look and what areas you need to work on (or nix entirely).

  • If you have an upcoming audition, try dancing at an amateur night at a different strip club to relax your nerves. Practicing alone in your bed or in front of your boyfriend would not provide you with the same level of satisfaction as dancing in front of people. Having a night in beforehand will significantly reduce the anxiety.

Look for the house mom or the boss

This aspect of becoming a Melbourne topless waitress can’t be overlooked. Ask the employee you’re dealing with to direct you to the manager if she’s excited about the place. You should show your faith and order an audition if you’ve found them.

Ask him/her all of the pertinent questions, such as when the audition will take place, how long it will run (i.e., how many songs will be performed), what you can wear, and whether they will be the night’s supervisor. Feel free to linger and win them over with your engaging attitude, as well as ask more protocol questions to keep your mind at ease before it is finished. If you’re really intrigued, ask the staff the same questions again to double-check your findings.

Final thoughts

With all we’ve discussed, you should have the perfect idea as regards becoming a top rated topless waitress in Melbourne. Stay tuned for more info and feel free to leave your comments in the box below.